Sunday, March 15, 2009

Memorable Experience

As you all know I have attended a nine days workshop on Land Base Used- Barangay Development Plan LIB-BDP. I never thought that because of this exhausted workshop I will be able to meet high officials. And who would think that we will welcome the German Ambassador to the Philippines his Excellency Christian-Ludwig Weber-Lortsch during our second day workshop at Barangay Atipolo. Indeed, a memorable experience that all the participants will always remember.

If you want to know more about the LUB-BDP you can visit the links that I came across when I search the ambassador’s name. Click this link and this link which express how happy he is on how my town implementing this project.

During the 5th day of the workshop our barangay, Barangay Solano is the host barangay the workshop and we were visited by Marikina Mayor Maria Lourdes Fernando, who was the speaker of the Women’s Celebration in Tacloban City. She was asked of one of the participants of her reason to visit since she has nothing to do with our workshop. Her and directly answered that she is a good friend of our municipal Mayor and it’ a good chance to let us know that her husband will be running for presidency in this coming 2010 election.

On our 7th day, we were in Barangay Magay and again were visited of other German officials. This time our output was explained of the MIT leader Ma’am Day-day to the German nationals. Isn’t a great experience? Too bad I do not have a camera with me so I can not post any picture. Hopefully, the MIT team will post some picture in our town blog.


shydub said...

Thats a great experience meeting big time people.

ApRiL said...

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AiDiSan said...

hi there PrettyMom,

I agree with shydub, meeting high ranking people is such an experience.

Rosa said...

Hi sis, have an award for u

sweet_shelo said...

such a good experience for u sis.. Being aware on issues and programs like that is so rewarding..

sis have an award for u..