Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hurry Join Now!!!!

To those who still want to join the b-day guessing game you can still join now by click this link. As I have said I will announcing the winner the following day after my b-day. I know you are all excited and so do i. You can check out the glimpse of the layout price here and here. I am not yet done on the header for the second price layout.

I have to go now guys!!! i will be attending a whole day workshop.


Sherry said...

hehe.. so excited.. :)

sweet_shelo said...

wow.. cge join na those who haven't joined yet!! we're excited!!!! yay!!!

SimplyHappyMe said...

will join na tonight..excited nko! =)

Mys said...

wah! mali ako? who won kaya? so exciting!