Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Participants

Below is the list of the bloggers who joined my birthday guessing game;
Sweet Shelo's answer:
March 7,1979 30 years old

Chelle's answer:
March 23, 1979 30 years old

Rosa's answer:
March 18, 1979 30 years old

Retchie's answer:
March 21, 1983 26 years old

Klvingood's answer:
March 01 21 years old

Nedekcir's answer:
March 16, 29 years old

Laine's Cutie Adobe's answer:
March 19, 1981 28 years old

Mys answers:
March 7 turning 30

Shydub answer:
March 13, 1980 turning 29 years old

Sherry's answer:
a.09 March 1980 b.29 year old

Sweet Girl's answer:
March 15 1979, your turning 30 years old

Bunny Bee:
7 March 1979, 29 going on 30

VhingF's answer:
march 20, 27 years old

Sena's answer:
March 7, 1979, turning 30 this year

Pinay Mama's answer:
March 6, 1982 and turning 27 this year

Rose's answer:
March 18, 1979....
and your age now is 29 going to 30...

DJTammy's answer:
March 25, 1983, you will be turning 26

To all of you who joined the contest thank you and good luck!! Also would like to thanks my sponsors, without them this contest will not be a success. I've been sitting in front of the pc for few hours now and my eyes is kind of tired. I will be announcing the winner soon...


Sherry said...

I am rubbing my eyes, did I just see my name highlighted there?

shydub said...

hahaha this is funny, coz sherry thought she has her name highlighted, me too i see my name highlighted. but i figure it was highlighted because it was you who's reading pretty tricky!
Goodluck to all.whoever wins congrats