Saturday, September 27, 2008

Google update

For everybody’s information Mr. Google is updating again. While doing ec drop I came across this post about google update so I hurriedly check my pagerank and viola this blog has now a PR1 from N/A. I wasn’t expecting that this blog will have a PR1 since it’s barely 3 months in fact a month after I open this to public. I still need to work hard to increase the page rank of this blog.

My Celebrate Life has now a PR0 from PR2 anyway i am sure i can still grab some opps in triple P since this blog has a good real rank now. On the other hand my Deeply Inlove blog has now a PR3 from PR2. Is this mean more extra income for this blog? I hope so, i am keeping my fingers cross. Honestly I am hungry of ppp opps. lol

How about you have you check your PR yet?


twinks said...

COngrats to your PR sis.. yeey!
that's great to hear..
keep up the good work.

ivy said...

Congrats for having pr...
my bravejournal got a pr2 also and it makes me wonder how it happened since It has been over a month since it was updated and my other domain that I updated everyday got a big fat zero lols. Oh well it don't makes any difference...padulong na man cugro pud ma pordoy ang 3p lols.

have a nice day!