Friday, September 5, 2008

Unlucky day

It's Friday and today is one of my unlucky day. I had a bad chat with my lalabs earlier but in fact it started last night and we are both stubborn and crazy. Sometimes we simply hurt each other and we regret it after. But thanks we are fine now, we settle our problem before he goes to bed and i am happy with that.

I missed some opps from triple p and i blame my self. Why not? I am doing multitasking, chatting to my blog, ec dropping and refreshing my ppp dashboard. I was busy yesterday that i ws not able to dropped ec and last night i am not in the mood and tired. So i tried to catch up the dropping this morning. But still I was not manage to complete the 300 drops for my 2 blogs. Anyway i will make it up today.


Imelda said...

the giving was in the wee hours of the night, dear. and i got the 2 tasks at 6am na.

Tey said...

same here rose, imagine me working on 10 blogs.. but you know what it's kinda fun...
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