Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tiring day

It’s almost 2:30 in the morning but I am still alive and kicking. It’s a tiring day for me today. I did a lot of writing. Well this is my price for being lazy during the weekend. Are you curious to know what makes me busy?

  • Printed the supplemental budget no.02 – I finished encoding this last week, but I had it printed this morning.
  • Fill up disbursement voucher for the barangay official’s philhealth contribution for 3 months.
  • Fill up disbursement voucher for the payment of the barangay street lights.
  • Fill up disbursement voucher for our travel {chairman, committee on finance, treasurer {me}}
  • Fill up disbursement voucher and payroll for honorarium and encentives.
  • Lastly I write a long story for my nephew. Hay.. How I wish his teacher did not demand a hand written story.

A tiring day indeed and now I am going to dream land since I don’t have any opps to catch. Good luck to those you have lot of fish to catch including my best buddy Imelda. Hehehe..


Imelda said...

Thanks, lot. My connection is so slow. Just chanced upon it, lucky me.

Nedekcir said...

That's a lot, you are one busy mamma. Hey I have an award for you. Grab it if you haven't gotten' it yet. here it is

Tey said...

soon you have opps on this domain blog Rose.. Patience...
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