Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday blah

Wow, ec dropping is part of my daily routine for almost two weeks. But yesterday I was not able to do my dropping it is because I fall asleep and I watched the PDA and since my pc is in my room now multitasking is definitely a big no. And today my plan is to dropped ec early in the morning but then again I am lazy and I want to take a long nap.

When I was about to take my nap my mother asked me to clean her toenails and as a good daughter I follow her without any words. While typing this post I am waiting for some page to loud and viola my mother's brother came to me and ask if he can use my pc. He will chat to his wife who is working in Dubai. Huh, i need to stop my dropping and continue later today. While my tito is using the pc i will take my bath. yay, its almost 6.30 pm but I haven't take my bath.

I still need to add some link exchange here. I promise to do it when later today. So chao for now.

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twinks said...

Sis, I do clean my mother's toenails too before but now she goes to the parlor na. Haay..speaking of ec dropping, I haven't done my droppings today too.. having a lazy sunday :]