Monday, September 29, 2008

Walk for a cause

Yesterday my town celebrated its annual Alay Lakad. The walks for a cause was participated by the municipal employees, head of the different departments, PNP and BFP, different schools, Barangay officials, NGO’s, drum and bugle of different schools. ‘Twas a tiring day for me indeed, but nice to burn fats. Lol Anyways, the emcee confirmed that we walked more than 3 kilometers in an hour.

After the parade the raffles of tickets were follows.The money that they will get from the ticket is intended to Alay Lakad beneficiary out of school youth in my town. I congratulate all the winners, unfortunately I am not one of them lol. Better luck next time. By the way I am planning to have a walk around my time every morning and I hope this will help me loose some weight. huh, I really need to be serious in this.

1 comment:

twinks said...

I like activities like this sis..
For a good cause. It's nice to know that people are reaching out to others. Keep up the good work.

Sis which blog mo ang nasira? Kasi it happened to Lynn too, at first we thought it was the layout, so I helped her, kala namin it was the width of the main wrapper, so I changed my test layout to 600px which was more bigger than the video's size pero ganun pa rin. I tried downloading blogger default layout still ganun din. I reckon its the video's code, kasi yong isang friend ko din ganun nangyari sa layout nya, and di ako ang gumawa ng layout nya.