Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday's rants

Today, I am doing my entrecard dropping but I don't know what's wrong I sometimes end up seeing this

on my browser. Isn't annoying when you encounter such error? I also often encounter ec member which do not have the entrecard widget. Ec dropping is time consuming for me and it annoy my when I find some glitches. lol..

Anyway how is your weekend so far? Mine is a bit boring nothing much to do. But in fact i am procrastinating eh. I need to print the supplemental budget I made but I opt to take a nap. I woke up when I got an sms from my lalabs, I really thought he send sms to let me know that he is online but not I am a bit disappointed. lol I hope I will see him today.

I was ranting on my other blog about my slow paid reviews. But I realize that I don't have any reason to rant I should be thankful for all the blessing i got may it big or a small. Just this morning I was happy to got some task from payu2blog. Payu2blog has been good to me since they approved my blog.


Anonymous said...

If you get those messages - file not found ones - or find no widget, copy the address and send it to support (there is a message box right at the bottom of your dashboard) so that they can delete it or ask the blog to fix the widget. They are trying to clear things up at the moment and the more people who report problems the better.

Benny Andhika said...

thank for information..>>

heppy week end...!

WeblogLearner said...

sometimes it is the blog that undergoes sme changes and cant just be found,, i see many of them on certain days but just open the next time i try.. good luck

Imelda said...

i haven't emailed my prob to ec, too but i will later. i hope u can have more tasks to come.