Friday, September 19, 2008

Im juts here alive and kicking

Yay, I can't believe I did not update this blog for few days now. I am always online but I am doing serious dropping on my entrecard my blog real rank has been hurt when I got sick and I want to work on it more especially that 3P is not giving me task to grab. And my beloved pc is acting crazy once again for few days now. In fact I am not using my UPS this time and last night I lost electric power twice. Argh... I hope that sudden brownout will not hurt my hard drive like what happen to my old hard drive. This is barely 3 months but its acting up every now and then. I really need to call the technician who bought my harddrive and UPS for further checking.

Huh, too many reason why I cant update this blog really.


Tey said...

aha you're addicted to entrecard now.. hahahah I am done with that, it's an added blogging work for me now.. lols
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twinks said...

Hi Sis,
Hope all is well.
Don't worry about 3P, for sure its just temporary.

Have a great weekend :]