Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another Bath

As what my post title say I need another bath. My... it's really hot in the Philippines now. I hope it will rain later tonight so I will have a nice sleep. I still have to do some online errands. But since I feel really hot I can not think good..

So i better take my butt off on here and take my bath... see you soon guys..

And to my visitors today, thanks for the visit I will be visiting your site soon..


Arlyna said...

Allo Rosemarie,
I love the Philippines but I can't deal with the tropical weather - the heat and humidity. It brings out the grouchiness in me. Even here in Canada, I never look forward to summer. Enjoy your bath :).

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sis, have a happy weekend ^_^

Rosa said...

oo nga sis, super hott naun. pero malapit na rin matapos.. tag ulan na! yahoo.. haha. i love rain.:)

anyway sis, got an award for you..

see yah..

jhoicexoxo said...

I used to like rain
back in PI, but when I came in da
u.s i start hating it=(
Anyway, I hope it'll rains der soon