Friday, April 24, 2009

Multi-tasking Me

Hopelessly waiting for my boyfriend to go online this morning, we agreed to chat this morning when he called last night. But, he also needs to be with his papa in the hospital so he told me that he will send me sms when he gets home. As a stubborn girlfriend, I still go online although I knew he is not sure when he can go online and I understand him.

So while waiting for his sms or buzz I better explore Southern California PR Agency that I bumped few minutes ago. J Public Relations offers media relations,
community relations, cause marketing, promotions, event management, talent management and a lot more. Their client includes hotels, entertainment, business, health, beauty and etc.

As for the JPR team, you don’t have to worry because they have talented and well experience team that you can find online. If you have a doubt, you can visit and check their team biography.

Oppss.. no buzz from my boyfriend yet so I better have my breakfast.. I am getting hungry here.

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